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October 08, 2021

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched

The Roborock-produced Laser-Guided Smart Robot Vacuum starts selling in China on September 6

Continuing its impressive diversification efforts, Xiaomi has now announced the launch of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Developed by Xiaomi Ecosystem Enterprise Roborock, this laser-guided robot vacuum cleaner boasts an impressive package with 12 sensors for efficient navigation and cleaning, a 5,200mAh battery for a 2.5 hours continuous run time and the option to schedule and monitor cleaning via the Mi Home App.

Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Powered by a NIDEC brushless motor, the 1800Pa powerful suction ensures this robot vacuum cleaner is amongst the most powerful models on the market. The laser distancing navigation system (LDS) used is an industry-leading technology used in drones, autonomous driving vehicles and in military. Paired with the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Algorithm (SLAM), a real time map of the house is produced on every clean, ensuring an efficient and thorough cleaning pattern, while avoiding repetition or missed spots.

Key Features

- 12 sensors, including laser distancing sensor (LDS), ultrasonic radar and cliff sensors
- Three processors which maps in real time and calculates the most efficient route
- 5,200mAh lithium ion battery
- 1,800Pa suction power
- Floating main brush with a deep clean of all surfaces
- Remote control of the robot vacuum via the Mi Home App

      The robot vacuum cleaner will go on sale in China from September 6, retailing for CNY 1,699 on its website as well as the Mi Home Stores.