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Roborock App

Tap. Tap. Clean.

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Simply tap your phone and let your robot vacuum get to work as you wish, enjoying a worry-free cleaning experience with Roborock App.

*App interface is subject to change without notice.

5 Reasons to try Roborock App

Customize Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Enhance Cleaning Effectiveness

Map Your Home Precisely

Avoid Obstacles and Risky Areas

Check Robot Status Anytime

Clean As You Wish
Customize Every Cleaning Task

Tap Where to Clean

Clean As You Wish
Customize Every Cleaning Task

Tap Where to Clean

Full House

Specific Rooms

Specific Zones

Specific Spot

Tap How to Clean
Tap How to Clean





Schedule Daily Cleaning Routines

Create a routine for daily uses i.e. cleaning the dining area after meals. Pick a time, cleaning mode, and the rooms you need, and it will repeat automatically.

Level Up Cleaning Experience
For Carpets
Activate carpet boost and deep mode to clean carpets twice in one task for better cleaning performance.
For Hardwood Floors
Let the robot vacuum clean the floor along its direction so the floor seams can be cleaned all along and minimize scraping against them.
Smart and Worry-free
The Best Route, Everytime
Scans quickly to know your home environment and creates detailed maps to find an optimal route to clean your home, leaving dirt with no escape.
6x Faster
Quick Mapping1

On its first run, the robot vacuum will quickly create a detailed map, so you can start cleaning ASAP.

2D, 3D & Matrix
Map Displays

Multiple map displays allow you to navigate your house with more fun.

Mapping System2

The robot vacuum automatically recognizes distinct levels of your home. All you have to do is put the robot down.

Manage Your Virtual Home
Easily control where the robot vacuum goes by editing room layouts, No-Go Zones, and cleaning sequences in your map.
Smart Enough to Stay Out of Troubles
For Obstacles

Detects and avoids objects on the floor easily, so you don't have to worry about picking up them from the floor before it starts cleaning.

For Risky Areas

Suggests No-Go Zones automatically, to prevent your robot vacuum getting stuck in tight spots, or falling down the stairs accidentally.

Design What You Care
Off-Peak Charging Supported

Set up off-peak times to charge your robot vacuum and save money on your electricity bill.

Check Accessory Status Anytime

Easily check the usage status of your robot vacuum's accessories, so you know when it's time to maintain or replace them.

Explore More with Remote Control

Drive your robot vacuum directly to any spot in your home, so you can explore more uses beyond cleaning.

Remote Control

Spot Clean

Video Calling

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

Download Roborock App and enjoy a worry-free cleaning experience at your fingertips.


*Some features may not be available on all Roborock products.

1. Compared to Clean&Mapping mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

2. Up to four floors supported.