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October 08, 2021

Why a Robot Vacuum is Perfect for Your Office Space

Robot vacuums are a perfect match for a home. In a professional office setting however, they become a necessity on a much greater level. It seems quite logical; when you have more people in a single space, there is simply going to be more mess. This is especially true when stressed employees are focused on deadlines rather than clean carpets. From spilled coffee grounds in the break room to dirt in the reception area, an office space can get messy faster than printing a report. Resentments can build if people feel like they’re working in a dirty space or if they are cleaning up after others. The entire staff feels embarrassed when a CEO sees a messy office. It can reflect badly on a company when the space is unkempt.

messy office

A robot vacuum is a great solution for the entire office. No one wants to take on the double duty of cleaning both the office and their own home. A cleaning service might help, but a cleaning service may only come once a week. It’s important to clean the office often, especially if clients visit regularly. A robot vacuum is much cheaper in the long run, which is vital for new companies. There are plenty of reasons why a robot vacuum is perfect for an office, but we can boil it down into two categories: performance and timing.

How a Robot Vacuum Clean vs. a Regular Vacuum

How a robot vacuum cleans an office space is paramount because like a personal home, an office has different types of floors. The kitchen area usually has tile floors, or the reception area has thicker rugs. A robot vacuum saves you from switching to another vacuum, grabbing a different attachment, or constantly changing the cleaning modes on a regular vacuum. It’s a relief to have a vacuum adjust its own settings as it cleans around the office. Another key factor to consider is power. A robot vacuum is powerful enough to handle all cleaning jobs.

robot vacuum for office space

In an office setting, it’s wise to think about a vacuum’s power source. A regular vacuum needs to be plugged in or have rechargeable batteries. A vacuum with a cord creates extra traffic and interrupts the smooth flow of a busy office. It also creates potential liabilities if a coworker stumbles over the cord. Handheld vacuums, like the stick vacuum for example, don’t need cords but provide 8-10 minutes of power at best. That is not ideal for a larger space or for an office that needs to be cleaned frequently. A robot vacuum solves both problems. The cords from the charging dock to an outlet are very short, and the battery life of a robot vacuum can range from 2-4 hours.

Timing is Everything

The best benefit a robot vacuum can give the office world is time. The common phrase “time is money” holds particularly true when it comes to having a clean space. A robot vacuum maximizes efficiency in the office. It saves employees time and keeps everyone focused on achieving their daily goals. No one is distracted by a dirty work environment, nor do they have to wait for a cleaning crew to handle impromptu messes. Let’s say a conference room needs to be cleaned quickly for an important visitor. A robot vacuum will clean that room specifically and return to its charging station when the job is done. A robot vacuum is great for more thorough jobs as well. The office can schedule a vacuum to run at night, leaving the office fresh and clean in the morning. If the battery gets too low, the vacuum will recharge its battery and resume its cleaning route in the exact same spot.


Another fun benefit of a robot vacuum is pairing it with the smart speaker in the office, like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Using voice commands, the office can name the vacuum and then say “Alexa, start vacuum,” or any name they’d like. When the job is done, simply say “Alexa, send vacuum home,” and the vacuum will go back to its charging dock. Using these smart devices and apps relieves everyone of extra stress.

A robot vacuum is a delightful coworker. It is a helpful companion that takes care of the office. Unlike a weekly cleaning service, it saves money and keeps your budget report looking great. A robot takes care of all the floors and prevents potential resentment in the office. Everyone can focus on getting their tasks accomplished without worrying about the messy details. With a clean environment, everyone can have a clear mind. Hire the perfect candidate at and watch this vacuum meet every deadline.