October 08, 2021

Roborock Christmas Hidden Gift Campaign

Roborock’s Hidden Holiday Egg will rock your Christmas!
This Christmas, Roborock has prepared a special gift for you and your loved ones.
A rock version Jingle Bells music is hidden in the MiHome application in the form of a Christmas gift for users to discover for themselves.
To play the song, simply undertake the following actions:

  1. Have a Roborock S5 set on the US/EU/Russia/Singapore server;
  2. Enter the plug-in on your mobile and set the voice pack as English/Spanish/German/Italian/French;
  3. Go to Settings, and press "Find my vacuum" for 2-4 seconds;
  4. Press "Find my vacuum" again.

Enjoy! Remember to share the joy with the people around you :)