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October 08, 2021

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum For Your Apartment

Apartment life presents a unique set of challenges. The limited living space doesn’t provide access to as much storage, and there is generally no outdoor space, except perhaps the occasional small balcony. Pets and people who live in the apartment are forced to share the same space and drop their hair all over the same surfaces.

Roborock robot for apartment

While a large upright vacuum might be fine for a large house, a small apartment probably doesn’t have much use for one. This bulky machine and overly large dustbin seem too much for cleaning a small space. For apartments, a robot vacuum is a perfect solution.

Why A Robot Vacuum Is Better

Space is often a concern in apartments, and robot vacuums are lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice. Their small size makes them easy to store in even a tiny space.

Also, pets that live in apartments tend to leave more of a mess simply due to the confined space. There is less area for hair and dander to spread over, meaning that carpets and floors need more frequent cleaning. Robot vacuums make daily cleaning easy.

Pets living in an apartment with Roborock robot cleaner

If the carpet doesn’t get cleaned often enough, allergens can build up and cause allergy sufferers more discomfort. Robot vacuums make frequent cleaning a breeze with their app-scheduled cleaning and programs that allow them to be started remotely. These machines are thorough and, unlike us, are always ready for some housework.

cleaned apartment with Roborock robot

Why Xiaowa Is The Best Vacuum For The Job?

Roborock Xiaowa is an ideal choice for a small apartment. Thanks to its programming, this clever robot offers methodical cleaning that improves with each use making it as thorough and efficient as possible. 

With a sleek and compact design, Xiaowa can fit into small spaces and under furniture to clean where traditional vacuums can’t reach. This robot vacuum won’t let anything stand in the way of a thorough cleaning. It can cross over thresholds and other obstacles almost 0.8 inches tall!

In addition, Xiaowa will return to its charging station on its own when the battery runs low. If the unit runs out of charge before completing the job, it remembers where it left off. Once the battery is charged, it resumes cleaning where it didn’t have a chance to clean the last time.

This machine comes with a washable filter, allowing you to save money by not having to buy nearly as many replacements. It also has a carpet boost feature that offers 1800Pa of pressure suction.

Perhaps best of all, Xiaowa isn’t only a vacuum, but also a mop, too. With a water reservoir and cleaning pad, this machine can keep your floors sparkling clean.

For more details about Xiaowa, please check the Xiaowa E3 and Roborock E4.