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October 08, 2021

Why Robot Vacuums are a Seniors' Best Friend

As seniors will be the first to tell you, getting older is highly overrated. Coming to terms with things they can’t do anymore is hard to accept, and asking for help can feel like they’re weak or helpless. It’s all about the little things. Cherishing the tasks, they are still able to do are little victories that deserve pride and recognition, like taking a walk or cleaning their house. It’s vital to give them tools that can help them accomplish their goals on their own, rather than taking away their independence by doing it for them.

With today's technology, we can help elderly people keep their independence and enjoy their lives. And of course, that includes cleaning technology. The key to finding the right vacuum for senior citizens is to know what will work best for their needs and their lives. Here are some ideas to consider when finding the ideal match for your loved ones.

What Makes a Vacuum Perfect for Seniors?

How Much Does It Weigh?

Weight matters with seniors. Heavy vacuum cleaners make their jobs much more difficult. It's exhausting to lug a cumbersome vacuum around. It can be even dangerous when the stairs are involved, even if there are only a few to contend with. A lightweight vacuum cleaner can lighten the cleaning load, so to speak. Hand vacuums are light to hold, but they're designed for spot cleaning and not for vacuuming a whole room. A robotic vacuum is the best of both worlds. Your senior doesn’t have to carry it at all, and it can take care of an entire floor.

Is it Helpful or Hazardous?

Another important factor in finding a vacuum for seniors is safety. The cords on a vacuum can be a potential hazard. Cordless vacuums can put your mind at ease when thinking about your loved one at home alone. Stick vacuums are great because they come with rechargeable batteries, but their battery life is something left to be desired. A robotic vacuum has a charger that plugs into the wall. Plus, you don't need to worry about clumsy accessories either.

cordless vacuum

Is it Easy to Use?

The best lightweight vacuum for elderly people needs to be easy to use. It should have simple settings and not be too overwhelming. Too many new features can make anyone flustered. A robotic vacuum operates on its own and only needs an initial setup. It can take care of itself while your loved one works on something else or just wants to relax.

easy to use vacuum

Why A Robotic Vacuum is the #1 Choice for Seniors

A robotic vacuum fulfills all your needs, hands down. They're known for being the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly people. Having this useful tool at their feet gives them independence and can make their lives much more enjoyable. For more information about robotic vacuums, check out our Roborock vacuum website.