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October 08, 2021

What makes Roborock E25 so smart?

While the Roborock E25 vacuum isn’t our most advanced robot vacuum, we’re still very proud of it. In fact, what we love most about this value-packed little robot is that it offers a lower cost option for everyone out there who wants a robot vacuum and can’t afford something top of the line. We would gladly put our E25 up against anything in its price class. It’s amazingly efficient and brilliantly powerful.

Roborock Xiaowa E25

What’s the deal with low-end robot vacuums?

If you’ve ever owned a budget robot vacuum, you know exactly what we’re talking about. They basically just pinball around your home, hoping to catch dirt randomly and never really finding the corners. You can set it to run while you’re away at work, but never really come home to clean floors in the way you were promised.

How is the Roborock E25 different?

We built the Roborock E Series in response to the terrible experience that most people have with low-end robot vacuums. We set out to solve all these navigation issues, while still building a vacuum anyone can afford. To map a home and plot out an effective cleaning route, most robot vacuums need a laser system for navigation. This is one of the technical features that drive up the price. However, the E25 uses an amazing workaround to achieve the same thing. This feature is called a motion tracking sensor, and while it may not work quite as effectively as a laser system, it still does the job very well. 

What is a motion tracking sensor?

The simplest way to think of it is like a small camera, but one that’s pointed at the ground. Everywhere the E25 goes on your floor it takes a small, low-resolution picture of the ground it travels over. It then compares all of these with one another so that it can tell the instant it goes over the same piece of floor twice. This actually allows the Roborock E25 to map out a picture of your home that you can see on the Mi Home app. It also lets the E25 travel in a very efficient pattern when cleaning your home, following predictable zigzagging lines and not going all over the place when it comes across a table leg or a chair.

This innovative solution to a such a complicated engineering problem has allowed us to keep the price of the Roborock E25 low, making it perfect for small homes and anyone who thought they couldn’t afford a robot vacuum that actually does a good job.