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October 08, 2021

Tips to Managing Your Pet-Friendly Rental

At first glance, renting out your property to pet owners does not sound appealing. Dogs have the potential to bark and disturb neighbors, while cats might scratch and damage floors and walls. However, having a pet-friendly rental can actually increase your income and attract more tenants to your property. With the right amount of communication, flexibility, and some handy cleaning tools, you can reap the rewards of a rental that welcomes animals. You may even make some furry friends as well! Let’s look at the benefits of allowing pets in your rental property and a few handy tips on managing the space.

The Benefits of Renting to Pet Owners

benefits of renting to pet owner

It’s easy to spot the cons of having pets in your rental, but if we take a closer look, there are more pros involved. Some of the main advantages include:

  1. Attracting a higher number of applicants
  2. Increasing your income
  3. Pet owners are typically very responsible
  4. Pet owners tend to renew their leases more often than non-pet owners

When searching for a new place, the majority of people are looking for pet-friendly accommodations. According to Avail, an online resource for landlords, including pets in your rental will widen your selection of candidates.

Pet owners are also willing to pay more money to include their four-legged friend. They understand how a pet can potentially bring mess and noise to a space. So, it’s common for pet owners to expect a deposit or a ‘pet rent’ added to the lease.

An attentive pet owner knows how to give proper care to their furbaby and its home. They respond when their pet is being too loud and will keep their pet from damaging property. When they find a home for their pet, they are less likely to move and are more inclined to settle down. With the right pet owner, you will have a reliable, dependable tenant that is committed for the long term.

How to Manage a Long-Term Rental

The key to any good relationship is open communication—this, of course, includes landlords and their tenants. When interviewing someone who owns a pet, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. How many pets do you have?
  2. How big is your pet?
  3. Are your pets up to date with their vaccinations and licenses?
  4. Does your pet get along with other people, animals, and small children?
  5. Who is responsible for the pet?
  6. Who will take care of the pet when the owner is not home?
  7. Is the pet trained?

Once you have some basic information, it’s a good idea to meet the pet. It’s worth to note how the owner treats their pet as well because this can tell you if the pet is properly trained. How a pet responds to their owner will show you exactly who is in charge. Ideally, the owner should issue commands that are firm yet gentle. Let your intuition guide you to a decision.

When you have found a tenant with a sweet-tempered pet, establish clear expectations for maintaining the space. Include a pet policy in the lease and state exactly what the tenant’s responsibilities are. You can consider things like:

  1. Keeping the carpets free of stains
  2. Preventing scratches to the wood floors
  3. Eliminating any pet odors
  4. Maintaining a well-kept landscape

Having a refundable pet deposit will help cover any pet damage to your rental. Or you can suggest renter’s insurance to your tenant, which would take care of the property as well.

How to Manage a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

As the holiday season approaches, many pet owners need a short-term rental while they visit family. When considering applicants, it’s helpful to set up a detailed interview and to require a pet deposit. It’s also important to clean your rental in between guests. A deep clean includes mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and cleaning the couches.

A great suggestion is running a robot vacuum between every short stay. Roborock’s latest model, the S5 Max, has a powerful suction that removes stubborn pet hair from carpets and hardwood floors. The Roborock S5 Max can clean your rental for three hours before needing to recharge, leaving your floors thoroughly vacuumed. The S5 Max works to contain pet dander, which is a welcome relief for those with allergies. An added bonus is the built-in mop that will give the floors a brilliant shine.

Roborock S5 Max

Allowing a pet in your rental can be a welcoming surprise. A sweet pup invites a chance for pleasant conversation with neighbors. Children in the area love to wave hello to a pretty kitty relaxing by the window. Having a pet-friendly rental can be a mutually benefiting experience: you will receive a higher income and your pet-owning tenant will be grateful to find a home. Because of this appreciation, they will want to take special care of your property. By following these simple guidelines, you can manage a pet-friendly rental with ease.