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October 08, 2021

The Quietest Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6

Robot vacuums make household chores a breeze. Who doesn’t love gleaming floors without having to lift a finger? However, cleaning power isn’t the only thing that people are looking for in a robot vacuum these days. It’s all about a powerful performance that is also easy on the ears. Let’s show you the advantages to having a silent robot vacuum and help you find the quietest, most powerful model for your home.

Silence is Golden

If you have never owned a quiet robot vacuum before, you’ll be amazed by how a noiseless vacuum makes a positive impact in a home. A few benefits of a quieter vacuum include:

  1. A distraction-free space as you work from home
  2. A peaceful environment for a baby or small child who is sensitive to loud sounds
  3. The convenience of vacuuming at night while everyone sleeps
  4. Unobtrusive cleaning while your teenagers focus on their studies

quiet robot cleaner for kids

A robot vacuum makes for a perfect helper around the house. You will not only receive a gift of clean floors but a peaceful living environment for the entire household.  

Discover Your Favorite Robot Vacuum

When it comes to superb cleaning and whisper-quiet technology, the Roborock S6 is your ideal vacuum. This model upholds the Roborock tradition of innovative floor mapping and navigation. Using a variety of sensors, this vacuum can scan your house and create the most efficient cleaning routes using a custom developed adaptive algorithm. There’s no need to rescue this model from under the furniture; it already knows where to go and what to avoid. It also knows when it needs to take a break. A battery sensor alerts the vacuum when it needs to recharge. If you have a larger home, the S6 will take itself back to its charging dock and resume its job when the battery is ready to go.

Roborock S6 intelligent route

What to Consider When Buying a Quiet Robot Vacuum

There are several interesting components that contribute to a vacuum’s ability to clean quietly. Let’s examine what to look for when buying a soundless vacuum and how Roborock S6 (quietly!) stands out from the crowd.

When purchasing a quiet vacuum, look out for these three features:

  1. The noise level of a vacuum
  2. The power level of a vacuum
  3. How the vacuum traps dust and filters the air

First, it’s helpful to examine the noise levels of a vacuum before you buy one. Most robot vacuums have a sound level of 70–80 decibels, which is the same noise level as a garbage disposal. The Roborock S6 has been made quieter through the use of more refined engineering, a more powerful motor (quieter because it doesn’t have to work so hard) and improved noise-absorbent materials that soak up sound. All of this mean it registers at only 58 decibels. That’s similar to a low conversation between two people or the soft hum of the fridge. With a Roborock S6, you can make an important phone call without being interrupted by your vacuum.

The next feature you’ll want to consider is powerful suction. It is easy to create a quieter vacuum if you sacrifice suction strength, but the small and mighty Roborock has the suction power to pick up two AA batteries. This is the quietest robot vacuum that retains the ability to removes stubborn pet hair and dirt embedded in carpet. Most vacuums lose power as they clean, but the S6 maintains constant suction, even when the dustbin is full.

Roborock S6 suction

Speaking of the dustbin, it’s important to have a vacuum that is excellent at trapping and containing dust. The Roborock S6 vacuum has a HEPA-like filtration system, perfect for trapping pet dander and other allergens. This is ideal for your loved ones during allergy season.

Quiet Enough for A Library

Roborock S6 lets you take a nap with no interruptions. You can dream of clean floors and wake up to a tidy house. A Roborock vacuum has the ability to clean quietly, remove dirt, and suck up allergens from the carpets. When you need your floors to shine, the Roborock S6 also comes with an attachable mop. With a Roborock vacuum, you don’t have to choose between an immaculate house and a serene atmosphere. You can have both.