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October 08, 2021

The Easy Way to Maintain Your Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are indeed beautiful, but they need careful maintenance to keep them looking their best. For some, preserving the pristine condition of their hardwood floors is an art. For others who can’t spare their time and effort to do the process, they can take the shortcut and use a robot vacuum.

 Roborock S6 robot vacuum for hardwood

Tips & Tricks for Sparkling Hardwood Floors

Every kind of floor requires regular maintenance to keep it clean and bright. But hardwood floors need even more love. Without proper maintenance, they will end up scratched and dull. Here are four easy steps to keep your hardwood floors perfect.

1. Clear the floor

First, you need to move all of your lightweight and wheeled furniture out of the hardwood floor area so you can reach the entire floor later. Please do it carefully as the furniture legs are one of the main culprits of wooden floors’ scratches.

2. Vacuum methodically

Continue by vacuuming every inch of the floor methodically. Make sure that you cover the entire floor and not just the sections you can see.

3. Wipe with a wet mop

To catch the fine dirt that the vacuum missed, you can wipe the floor with a wet mop. Make sure that the mop is just slightly damp and not drenched with water so that the floor will dry up quickly. It’s not advisable to let wooden floors get too wet for a long time.

4. Buff with a soft cloth

After the floor is dry, you can buff the floor by hand with a soft cloth. Then you can return the previously moved furniture back to their places.

Make Your Life Easier with a Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

If you think that the manual steps to maintain hardwood floors sound like a lot of work, you are right. Not everybody is up for the routine of clearing, vacuuming, wiping, and buffing.

For those who want the classic look and warm feeling of wooden floors for their homes without all the hassle of the maintenance process, there’s an easier way. Try using a robot vacuum Roborock E series or the Roborock S6. Here are the advantages of using a robot vacuum for hardwood floors.

1. No furniture moving

Both the Roborock E series and the Roborock S6 can find their way around, and under furniture, so there’s no need to move the furniture out of the way beforehand, or lugging it back into place afterward.

 Roborock E2

2. Thorough and comprehensive

One advantage of being a robot is the lack of human error. These robots can vacuum thoroughly and comprehensively without missing any part of the floor, every time.

3. Built-in mopping feature

Not only do these robots vacuum, but they also have built-in mopping functionality, so they can both at the same time.

 Build in mopping

4. Set the routines

You can also set a schedule for a daily clean. Better yet, you can set them to do the job at night so every morning you can wake up to the clean floors.

 Roborock S6 scheduled cleaning

By using a robot vacuum for hardwood floors, you can have the clean and sparkling wooden floor without the extra work of maintaining it. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy it, and maybe do an occasional buff once in a while to give your floor that brand-new shine.