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October 08, 2021

The Development of The Robot Vacuum

Imagine waking up to your favorite song as the bathroom lights turn on and the shower begins to run. After a revitalizing scrub you emerge and head to the closet where the perfect outfit is laid out for you, taking into consideration your plans for the day as well as the weather. You come downstairs to be greeted by the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee, and your kitchen springs into action to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Maybe this technology isn’t quite there yet, but it’s only a matter of time. We’re constantly inventing and creating gadgets, machines, and programming to make our lives easier, more efficient, and less strenuous. This drive to automate routine tasks isn’t surprising. After all, the more we can outsource to our inventions, the more time we have to dedicate to the pursuit of the things that matter to us.

As far as routine tasks go, the most mundane and dreaded must be related to the cleaning of our homes. We all want to live in a place that's fit to appear on the cover of a magazine, but nobody wants to spend the time getting it to look that way. Luckily, technology is finally starting to solve this predicament with the invention of machines to do the work for us.

Enter the robot vacuum. This gadget holds the promise of eternally spotless floors with practically no effort. Although historically, robot vacuums might have fallen short of the mark, there is no doubt that the future is bright for these machines and those who use them.

History of The Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum made its debut in 1996. The first of its kind was made by the Swedish appliance manufacturer, Electrolux. It was called the Trilobite, and it worked surprisingly well, considering that it was the first robot vacuum ever made. That being said, it had its problems.

The Trilobite had a tendency to collide with objects. Perhaps even more significant was the fact that it stopped short of walls and furniture, leaving a border that did not get clean. The Trilobite is no longer in production.

In 2001, Britain made its own attempt at a robot vacuum. It was created by the Dyson company and was known as the DC06. Dyson was unable to make their vacuum cost-effective. The machine was too costly and therefore never entered mass production.

In 2002, the Roomba entered the North American Market, making robot vacuums mainstream. The Roomba was designed by the U.S. technology company, iRobot. This machine came with several improvements over the original robot vacuum and had some useful features.

Robot Vacuum

While the Roomba isn't perfect, it can avoid obstacles as well as stairs. It has the ability to detect dirty areas and has a spot-cleaning function. It also allows users to program the vacuum to turn on automatically and return to its charging station when its cleaning job is done.

For a long time, robot vacuums were not widely used by many families because of the expensive price. With the advancement of the technology and the better supply chain operation, design manufacturer Roborock launched their flagship robot vacuum, the Roborock S5, in 2017. The affordable price makes the S5 surely as one of the most popular robot vacuums in the market quickly.

The Roborock S5

The Roborock S5 uses high-precision laser-distance sensing to create a real-time map of the area to be cleaned. It then plans a route, starting along the edges. Next, the Roborock S5 follows a Z-shape pattern to cover the room in an efficient manner.

Roborock robot cleaner

The 13 on-board sensors give the Roborock S5 a real advantage over previous robot vacuums. Unlike Roomba, the laser sensor is not inhibited by dark environments, and the Roborock S5 can navigate smoothly without getting stuck and adapt effectively to changes in the cleaning environment.

While other robot vacuums tend to get tangled up in lint and hair, the Roborock S5 is designed to be tangle-free, with less-frequent cleaning of its wheels and brushes, greatly cutting down on maintenance. The main brush, side brush, and omni-directional wheels are specifically designed not to get tangled up in debris.

Roborock robot cleaner

This is a powerful little vacuum. With 2000pa of suction, it provides a thorough cleaning of just about any kind of flooring. Speaking of which, the Roborock S5 comes with smart carpet identification, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to multiple floor surfaces. When it detects carpet, the vacuum engages the automatic carpet pressurization mode to ensure a deep cleaning.

With all that power, Roborock has included extra safety considerations. With its low voltage (20V), the S5 protects users against excessive current and voltage, and short-circuiting. Also, the Roborock S5 is designed to be safe when it's engaged or while charging.

This vacuum is quiet, too. It uses an aerodynamically streamlined air duct that is designed to increase wind utilization while lowering noise. No more noisy machines frightening your pets and bothering the neighbors. That’s something everyone can appreciate.

Roborock robot cleaner

The Roborock S5 includes an E11-rated HEPA filter capable of retaining 95% of filter performance after an entire year of use. The filter is also washable to extend its usability and performance. There is a fully sealed dust bin to trap particles rather than releasing them into the air.

When the filter does get used up and needs replacing, a new one will quickly bring your Roborock S5 back up to specs. But what if one of the other parts gets worn out? Not a problem! The modular design of this machine supports easy replacement of individual parts.

One of the neat additions to this robot vacuum is the app control, which allows for real-time monitoring as well as remote adjustment of cleaning modes and customizable settings. Furthermore, the app supports software updates for future expansion in functionality as well as fun interactions.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the Roborock S5 isn’t just a vacuum. This machine includes a mopping function. Not only will it vacuum your floors, but it will also wash them. The Roborock S5 will mop the areas that have been vacuumed without leaving water trails behind, thanks to its uniform water seepage controls.

The Future of Robot Vacuums

With the coming of the Roborock S5, the future is looking bright for robot vacuums. Not only is this machine packed full of neat features that users will appreciate, but it also addresses the issues experienced with previous versions of robot vacuums. Furthermore, the app-based software allows for future updates and expansions without the need for a brand-new machine.

With so much going for the Roborock S5 already, it's exciting to think what the masterminds behind this machine will come up with next. What improvements do we have to look forward to? It’s hard to imagine, when the Roborock S5 already seems to have ironed out all of the kinks that previous robot vacuums had.

When it comes to the automation of the mundane tasks we all hope to avoid, it would appear that the future is here. While our closets might not be picking out our outfits just yet, we can enjoy a cleaner and healthier home right now without having to do the cleaning ourselves. Invest in a Roborock S5 today! Your family and your floors will thank you.