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October 08, 2021

The Best Tips to Maximize a Robot Vacuum’s Efficiency

A Robot vacuum is a lovely addition to any home. As soon as you have one you immediately wonder what took you so long. It is helpful, fast, and charming. To see it humming across the floor with its bristly brushes is adorable. It almost takes on the nature of a pet, many people even end up naming theirs. Though it may not be an actual pet, it’s still important to take car of it. From cleaning your robot to helping it navigate the house, you can keep a vacuum running efficiently for a long time. Let’s look at a typical day in a robot vacuum’s life and learn how to help it before, during, and after its cleaning cycle.

robot vacuum cleaner

Prepare for Takeoff

Since there are a variety of robot vacuums out there, we will cover all the different ways a vacuum can get stuck and how to avoid it. For all robot vacuums, it’s crucial to scan your home for cords. This is one of the most common ailments for a vacuum. Unplug anything that touches the floor and place all cords on a table. The same rule applies for long drapes or curtains. Other obstacles include tassels or decorative strings attached to a rug. They can become quickly entangled in a vacuum’s bristles, so be sure to tuck them under the rug or remove the rug from the floor. If you have pets or children, scout ahead for small toys that could get caught in a vacuum’s suction.

Once you’ve searched the floor for items that can get caught underneath a vacuum, you can look for troublesome spots from above. If you have a simple vacuum that doesn’t use a laser distance sensor, there is a greater potential for it to get stuck. These vacuums learn how to travel by softly bumping into furniture and following the edges of a wall. To keep this kind of vacuum from getting stuck underneath a couch, use items like pool noodles as a border. You can also use a rolled-up yoga mat. The vacuum will feel the impact of whatever boundary you create and move in the opposite direction.

Avoid Turbulence

roborock avoid turbulence

For vacuums that use a visual sensor that is augmented by a lens, there is less concern of getting stuck under the furniture. Their navigational systems are more advanced. However, there is a factor to be wary of while this vacuum cleans. A vacuum that uses optical navigation relies on light to move around a room. A dark room is is like putting a blindfold on the vacuum. Be sure to turn on a light for the vacuum as it cleans. If it is a sunny day, open a curtain or pull back the blinds to let the robot see its images clearly. This should help the vacuum clean the floors.

After a Successful Mission

robot brushes and dustbin


When a robot vacuum has finished its routes for the day, it’s helpful to check on two things: the brushes and the dustbin. If you have a house that has one or multiple pets, hair and dirt can accumulate quickly. Check the main roller for hair and remove as much of it as you can. It is recommended to do this each time the vacuum cleans the house. Some vacuums have rollers that you can easily remove from the rest of the vacuum. This makes it easier to pull the hair from the bristles. After you are done, move on to the wheels. Hair can get caught in the wheels, which slows down your vacuum and wears on the battery. Next, you’ll want to make sure the dustbin and filters are routinely emptied. If you are prone to allergies, it’s best to empty the filters in a garbage can outside. Having access to fresh air and turning your face away from the dustbin will keep your sneezes to a minimum. It’s also helpful to replace the filters regularly. It depends upon the specific brand but a good rule of thumb is to replace a filter every two months.

Save Time with a Superior Vacuum

robot vacuum save time

All these tips will keep a robot vacuum smoothly running. However, there are times when you won’t be able to stay at home with your vacuum. Errands must be run, work deadlines need to be completed, and dates with friends must be kept. Fortunately, there is a vacuum that is self-sufficient and doesn’t need extra assistance. For example, with a Roborock vacuum, you don’t have to build and take down physical barriers around the home. It can be directed by its very own app. You can create a virtual wall with a touch of a finger and the vacuum will avoid that area. You can make a wall, a larger “no-go” zone in a room, or block off that room entirely. This vacuum doesn’t need any supervision because it maps out your entire home. You can leave the house for as long as you like. You don’t need to worry about leaving a light on for this vacuum. Head over to now for the most efficient vacuum experience.