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October 08, 2021

Let Roborock Clean for You This Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching next month and it seems like it came out of nowhere. Where did the summer go? While we can’t go back in a time machine, we can still take the opportunity to have fun outside. Labor Day weekend is a lovely last holiday to truly enjoy the summer. Relish the weekend with a barbeque, an outing to the lake, or take advantage of all the tempting Labor Day sales. The chores can wait. Or can they? If you are like most people, it’s hard to stay diligent with the household obligations, especially during the summer. Very few people wake up, look out the window on a beautiful day, and think “Yes! A day of cleaning awaits!” Sand from the beach, dirt from hiking, and dust are all unwelcome mementos of the summer season. You want to abandon your chores, but at some point, you must face the music. Labor Day weekend does afford a chance to finally get the floors clean. What if we told you that there is a way to keep your fun weekend schedule and still have a cleaner house? Yes, it is possible. You can have free time and a reduced chore list with a robot vacuum.

A robot vacuum gives you freedom from a day of dreaded chores and neglected summer plans. It’s impossible to keep up with the constant cleaning needs of the house and summertime is no different. Life is too short to choose a clean floor over a pleasant day outside. A robot vacuum is vital for when you want to have a great Labor Day weekend. It can handle all the different floor types in a home, the suction is very powerful, and you can find a vacuum with whisper-quiet technology.

Handles All Floors

One common hesitation people have about buying a robot vacuum is it won’t have versatility. It’s perceived that a robot vacuum has only one setting and can clean a certain type of floor. This used to be true a few years ago, but thankfully technology has stepped up its game. The Roborock S6 is Roborock’s latest vacuum, and it’s designed to clean any type of floor. The secret is in this model’s updated technology. It scans your house with advanced laser sensors, creates a detailed map of each room in the house, and executes the most efficient cleaning routes. You can watch its progress on the Mi Home app. From carpets to hardwood floors, this vacuum has got it covered. There’s no need to fret about constant supervision with this vacuum. It can climb over rugs and door sills up to two centimeters high; the infra-red cliff sensors keep it from falling down the stairs. The S6 also comes with a built-in mop for when you need the floors to have an extra shine. Feel free to leave the house for Labor Day or the whole weekend. The vacuum will have the floors looking gorgeous when you return.

Roborock handles all floors

Powerful Suction

It can be tricky finding the right vacuum. There are many factors that keep a house messy. We trek in dirt on our shoes, dust gathers frequently on the floor, and pets shed hair every day. It’s vital to find a robot vacuum with enough power for the job. Roborock has what you need to keep a floor spotless with 2000Pa suction. What exactly does that mean? A quick trip to Google reveals that Pa stands for pascals. A pascal is a unit of internal pressure and strength. Suction power can be measured in centimeters, inches of water that gets lifted, or by pascals. A Roborock vacuum has enough suction power to lift two AA batteries. That can certainly handle stubborn pet hair and dirt. The vacuum is powerful enough to clean dirt deep inside a carpet and durable enough to scoop up small screws for when a DIY project is finished.

roborock powerful suction

Battery power also matters when it comes to a robot vacuum’s capabilities. You can have a vacuum with a powerful suction but if the battery doesn’t last, then what’s the point?  Nothing is more frustrating than coming home to house that isn’t clean. Thankfully, Roborock can relieve those frustrations. The battery life on a Roborock vacuum is equally as powerful as the suction.

Additionally, the vacuum can tell when its battery is running low and will head back to the charging dock. When the battery has sufficiently completed its charge, the vacuum will resume cleaning in the exact same place. If you have a very large home, this feature is fantastic. The Roborock can clean a smaller home in a single charge. With the ability to recharge itself, you can rest easy knowing that the entire house will be cleaned right the first time.

Quiet as a Whisper

Having a loud vacuum is terribly inconvenient. If you work from home then it’s vital to have a distraction-free environment. The same can be said if you are trying to relax after long day. The last thing you want to do is yell over a vacuum while you talk to loved ones. A typical misconception is that for a vacuum to be powerful, it has to be loud. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Roborock S6. This latest model takes care of serious messes with whisper-quiet technology. The sound level is 55-58 decibels, which produces less noise than a normal conversation between two people. You can take a nap with your toddler and not worry about the vacuum waking anyone. If you work from home and need to make an important call, the vacuum won’t dominate the conversation. This model is perfect for nightly cleans, allowing you to sleep well and wake up to a freshly vacuumed home.

quiet roborock

With powerful suction, an advanced sound suppression design, and versatility for all floor types, the Roborock S6 is a fantastic housekeeper for you this Labor Day weekend. This vacuum will wipe out all the dirt from the summer season and will keep the floors looking great all year long. Head on over to to find more amazing features on the S6 and other models that are perfect for the home.