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October 08, 2021

How to Keep Your House Clean & Tidy with Pets

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but did you know they are also man’s best doctor? Pets are more than a cute critters to play with; their unconditional love actually improves our health. According to the website HelpGuide, simply stroking your pet’s fur decreases your anxiety and lowers your blood pressure. Pets take great care of us and ask for little in return. Their needs are simple: nutrition, exercise, regular check-ups, and a clean space for them to live. A tidy home not only provides a healthy area for your pets but a stress-free environment for you as well.

Keeping a clean household with pets can be a little challenging. Dogs love to find the latest treasures in the garbage can, while cats enjoy kicking up a mini sandstorm in their litter boxes. Not to mention mud and dirt that gets dragged in from the outside. How can you keep up with it all? We did the research for you and found some handy tips and tricks to becoming the true master of cleaning up after your pets.

Prevent Messes Before They Happen

If you have had pets for a while, then you understand them as well as your family members. Your pets have little habits that you have come to know and love. Well, maybe there are few tendencies that you don’t cherish, like how your pups spill their food and water all over the floor. Stop the mess before it starts with this dish set from Neater Feeder. This feeder has a plethora of benefits:

dish set

  1. The feeder keeps the bowls from tipping over,
  2. A high border prevents food from flying out,
  3. A trough catches water spills,
  4. Non-skid pads keep the feeder from sliding.

The Neater Feeder not only protects your floors but it can benefit your pet’s health as well. Extension legs for the feeder raise the bowls so bigger dogs and cats won’t hunch over while they eat. Having better spine alignment while they dine promotes easier digestion and elevates neck strain.

Another idea to prevent pet mess is to purchase a covered litter box for your kitties. Cats can’t help kicking up their litter everywhere. Help your little lions out with the Moderna Mega Comfy Covered litter box. It’s ideal for a large cat or if you have multiple kitties. This box keeps everything neatly organized with a hidden compartment for liner bags and a scooper. The door blocks any litter from flying out and provides extra privacy for shy kitties.

litter box

If you have inquisitive dogs, chances are they enjoy frequent explorations of the kitchen trash can. It may be garbage to you, but to them, it’s an irresistible treasure chest. Curb their trash cravings with the Organize it All trash can. The lids are secure and will discourage your pups from investigating the trash. This can is large and comes with three compartments, perfect for keeping all your garbage, recycling, and compost waste in one place. The foot pedals let you dispose of your garbage quickly and prevent your hands from spreading germs.

trash can

By stopping these little messes before they begin, you can stay on top of your chores and enjoy more time with your pup or kitty. Having a quick cuddle session with your pet elevates your mood, calms your body, and readies you for the next task.

When Messes Occur

For those moments when you can’t stop the dirt from happening, it’s time to break out the ideal helper: a robot vacuum. The Roborock S5 Max is the ultimate weapon against kitty litter, spilled kibble, or dirt dragged in from your pet’s outside adventures. Using advanced laser technology, the S5 Max scans your home and creates a detailed map of each room, which means it cleans everything right the first time.

roborock s5 max

The Roborock S5 Max has a large built-in water tank that swiftly mops the dirt from your floors, leaving them impeccable. If you have a smart speaker, you can control this vacuum by using simple voice commands like “Run vacuum” or “Send the vacuum home.” You can also use an app to create ‘no-go’ zones while the S5 Max mops, which will keep your hardwood floors shining and your nice rugs from getting wet. This vacuum gives you spotless floors and time for fun activities, like exercising with your pet. You’re free to take your dog on a long walk or practice yoga with your cat.

Sometimes we have to deal with pet stains that are a little tricky to remove. The best stain remover on the market is from Rocco & Roxie Supply Company. This product is excellent for removing stains and any lingering odors. When dealing with a stain on the carpet, it’s always recommended to dab the stain with a towel and never scrub. Scrubbing will only push the stain deeper into the carpet, while dabbing will gently lift the mess from the floor.

Paw-fect’ Solution

Having a clean home for you and your pets keeps everyone happy and healthy. By preventing messes, like loose stuffing from toys and leftover dog chews, you can play with your pets instead of cleaning up after them. With helpful gadgets like a Roborock vacuum, you won’t have to constantly be on the lookout for dirt. The vacuum can also trap allergens like pet dander, which is a welcome relief during allergy season. Your time will be free to teach your dog new tricks or take a catnap with your favorite feline. With these helpful tools and ideas, you and your pet will have a home that is absolutely ‘fetching.’