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October 08, 2021

Factors for Pet Owners to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum

Pets give their owners unconditional love and bring joy into their lives. On the other hand, they also come with fur and dander. It’s no wonder that so many pet owners swear by their robot vacuums. It’s the easiest way to keep floors clean and tidy. The truth is, though, not all robot vacuums are the same. Choose wisely to make sure you end up with a robot vacuum that’s up to the challenge of cleaning up after your pets.

Roborock Robot vacuum and mop

Pet Owner Concern #1 - Fur 

Animal fur gets woven into carpet and hides in all corners of the home. One major concern is just the repetition needed to constantly clean the fur from carpet in order to keep up. We love our pets, but most shed a good amount of fur daily.

Pet owners need a robot vacuum that’s up to this particular challenge.

Roborock vacuum for pet hair

Pets can really challenge a robot vacuum that’s not up to par. Without adequate suction, pet fur and hair will be left behind and a bin that can’t hold all that extra dirt can mean having to empty the bin mid-clean, which is hassle no one needs.

Pet Owner Concern #2 - Dander

Another concern of pet ownership is pet dander, which affects air quality. Animal dander can be quite a burden, especially to people with allergies. Even if people who live in the home are not allergic, visitors might be, and a vacuum that can purify the air while it cleans the floors can do a lot to make people more comfortable.

Like fur, dander is shed daily from most pets and requires a constant cycle of cleaning to keep under control. Another challenge is suction power. Dander can be also quite difficult to remove from carpet. So a powerful vacuum is important otherwise you’re spending time vacuuming while not really getting everything cleaned from your surfaces.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

A robot vacuum that’s up to the task of cleaning up after pets needs to have lots and lots of suction and plenty of bin capacity. 

Roborock vacuum for pet hair

For example, Roborock S5 is the best robot vacuum for pet hair. It has super high suction strength of 2000Pa, and its main brush, side brush, and omni-directional wheels are designed to be tangle-free, preventing pet hair from getting into the cleaner or affecting its movement. Also, Roborock S5 has a good-size bin to contain all the animal hair and dander that it’s going to pick up. In addition, Roborock S5 cleans thoroughly and meticulously and can get into all those hidden areas.

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Before you commit to a robot vacuum, don’t forget to consider the size of your home and the types of floors that you have to make sure your machine will be able to handle the job. If you live in a small place, such as an apartment, maybe Roborock Xiaowa E2 is a better choice for you, with its suction power of 1800 Pa, which is good enough for a small area, and the price is also less than Roborock S5’s.

Do Regular Maintenance

A regular maintenance routine is an important part of owning a robot vacuum. This is especially true for pet owners because their machines need to perform at their best to keep the home clean. Pet owners also need to use their robot vacuums more often, so their robot vacuums may require more frequent maintenance to keep up with the demand.