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October 08, 2021

Essential Robot Vacuum Features to Look Out for

The best part about shopping for a robotic vacuum is looking at all the variety. You don’t have to be stuck with only one kind of vacuum. There’s a fantastic selection right at your fingertips. Each robotic vacuum on the market offers different features to make cleaning your home easier. Finding the best vacuum for you all depends upon what specific needs you have for your floors. Let’s explore the benefits that these robots can do for your everyday cleaning routine.


Allergy sufferers know all too well how dust particles can irritate their air passages. Robotic vacuums sport HEPA-like filters and combined with powerful suction; they can filter out allergens and prevent them from invading your breathing space. Unlike other non-filtered vacuums, cleaning becomes a pleasant experience when you're not wheezing and sneezing.

Roborock filter

Side Roller Brushes

We all know how frustrating it is to vacuum a room and not be able to clean the edges along the wall. The only way to get the dirt is to drag out a special attachment just for that area. A robotic vacuum is designed to handle that for you. Some even offer extra brushes on the sides to not only clean the edges but tight corners as well, with no need for other accessories.

Roborock roller brush


A typical home has a combination of carpeting and bare floors, and some homes have different kinds of carpets. Robotic vacuums can handle any flooring, but some may need a setting adjustment to go from a thick carpet to a flat wood floor. You can also find a robotic vacuum that will use its sensors to detect different types of flooring and can adjust accordingly. They can even sense the edges of a room or obstacles looming ahead, making it a truly hands-free floor cleaning experience.


It’s important that a vacuum can handle any sticky situation, like pet hair. Most robot vacuums come with an impressive amount of suction power and specially designed brushes to handle jobs exactly like this. When dealing with pet hair, be sure to consider a vacuum that's built for power and good suction.


Many of these robot vacuums boast long running times. Getting an hour or two of cleaning from a robot vacuum can happen when high-quality batteries are installed. Most robot vacuums sense when their battery is getting low and will return to the charging station on its own. It extends battery life because the vacuum will recharge itself before power depletes, helping with long-term battery health.

Helpful settings

A robotic vacuum can schedule daily cleaning routines. Set it to vacuum at a certain time of the day, and it will perform its chore on time like a reliable train. They also may have a WIFI connection so you can use your phone to command it to clean a specific area. If there's a spot you don't want it to go, you can set a boundary, and it will avoid whatever area you want.

helpful Roborock S6

Robotic vacuums have so many features that can make your chores easier. Our Roborock vacuums come with a line of products that make them the smartest vacuums available to tackle all your vacuuming needs. When it comes to liberating yourself from the most mundane household chores, you can't beat using a robotic vacuum.

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