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October 08, 2021

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Halloween is a spook-tacular holiday, filled with magic and a chance to embrace your silly side. Anyone can get into the spirit of dressing up, but there’s something particularly special about Halloween costumes for pets; it always guarantees a smile or two. Whether you’re taking your furry friend along for Trick-or-Treating or sharing a sweet photo on social media, we’ve got some costume ideas for your dog or cat. These creative ideas are sure to be a scream.

1. Costumes That Are The Cat’s Pajamas

Cats are famously independent companions. Some are less enthused to parade about in a costume, while others wouldn’t notice if you dress them up in a tiny tuxedo.

When dressing up a more reluctant kitty, we suggest decorating something that is irresistible to all cats: a cardboard box. There is a non-negotiable rule in the cat world called ‘if it fits, I sits,’ where a cat cannot resist snuggling inside a box despite its actual size.

cat inside a box

If you have a larger box and multiple cats, it could be great fun to decorate the box to look like a train or a police car. Draw little details on the box, like ‘The Catnip Express’ or ‘Mouse Patrol.’ If you have cats with stripes, cut one side of the box to resemble bars for a cat jail.

Just like a cardboard box, a robot vacuum can be an amusing accessory to complete a ‘purr-fect’ cat costume. Cats love to ride on a Roborock vacuum because they love the feeling of the vibration and can’t resist softly pawing at the rotating bristles. Pair their favorite pastime with this costume idea – a shark in the ocean. You will need the following:

  1. Blue and yellow construction paper
  2. Clear tape
  3. Scissors

Cut out small blue waves and fish shapes from the construction paper, and tape them to the sides of the Roborock vacuum. You can buy a shark costume online or attach a cut-out shark fin to your cat’s collar.

When you’re all done, let your kitty take care of the clutter. The Roborock’s powerful suction has the strength to pick up two AA batteries, perfect for any mess that dares to haunt your floors. Record your cat in full costume riding the Roborock while it vacuums and spirits away your crafting project.   

For kitties with a higher tolerance for wearing costumes, dress them up with a lion mane hat and let them feel like the ‘King of the Jungle’ for a day. After all, these little furbabies are descended from these majestic creatures. Our favorite one can be found on Amazon and comes in three different colors.

2. Costumes To Make Your Dog’s Tail Wag

Generally speaking, dogs are a little easier to dress than cats. Most dogs are already accustomed to wearing collars, leashes, and harnesses, so your pooch will hardly notice an extra embellishment or two.

One simple idea is to attach a giant Beanie Baby tag on your dog’s collar. Beanie Babies were a huge hit in the 90’s, and this will remind people of the plushy animals that everyone loved to collect. You will need:

  1. Red Construction Paper
  2. Cardboard
  3. Glue
  4. White Paint
  5. A Small Paintbrush
  6. Scissors

Cut a large red heart out of construction paper and cardboard. Spread a fine layer of glue on the cardboard and press on the red heart gently to prevent bumps. Paint the letters “TY” in white and that’s it, you’re done!

3. Dress-up For Little Pups

Turn your smaller dog into the drink of choice for fall: a pumpkin spice latte. All you need is a small white trashcan and a black permanent marker. Draw the design of a to-go cup on the can with some witty words like ‘Puppacino’ or ‘Starpups’. Add a cute pumpkin hat for effect.

costume for pup

4. Costumes for Bigger Dogs

An easy idea for larger dogs is to accessorize a coat or a warm sweater that they already wear. Add wings to the jacket and turn your pup into Pegasus. You can buy a set of wings at a costume shop or make your own like this.

costume for bigger dog

Now that you have a great costume idea, it’s time to have some fun with it. Submit your best photo for an online costume contest. Or host a costume party and your pet will fit right in. Your cat or small dog will be the hit of the party as they parade around on your Roborock vacuum. Everyone will be entertained and the house will stay spotless all night long.

Whatever your reasons for dressing up your pet, these simple yet creative ideas will ensure a frightfully entertaining night and make some boo-tiful memories. Happy Halloween!