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Floor Cleaning

October 08, 2021

Best Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Flooring in 2020

Vinyl flooring is wonderful to have in your home, and essential with children and pets in the household. Having a smooth, even surface like vinyl ensures a safe space for kids and animals to play, unlike wooden floors with potential snags and splinters. Most vinyl floors are built with a felt backing, which means this type of floor is softer for your kiddos to sit on as they complete their latest art project. When art time is done, vinyl floors make it easy for you to clean.

Of course, if you have kids you know how time-consuming cleaning can be. Why not make life even easier with a robot vacuum? Let’s show you the benefits of having a robot vacuum and find the best one to clean your vinyl floors in 2020.

Do You Need a Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Floors?

While vinyl is a cinch to clean, having a robot vacuum is a life—and time—saver. Your day is already busy enough without adding vacuuming to the list. When you own a robot vacuum, your schedule can be freed up to do the things you want, rather than the chores that you have to do.

Most robot vacuums can be scheduled to run while you are out of the house, leaving your space fresh and clean when you get back. Robot vacuums are compatible with vinyl and will have no trouble whisking the dirt and dust away.

Why Choose A Robot Vacuum to Maintain Your Vinyl Flooring?

In addition to saving time, a robot vacuum is the premiere choice for cleaning your vinyl floors. A robot vacuum has many useful benefits:

  1. No cords to trip over
  2. Less work than an electric vacuum
  3. Longer battery life than a handheld vacuum
  4. Can vacuum both carpets and vinyl floors
  5. Will vacuum pet hair and dander for you

A robot vacuum is ideal for cleaning under couches and those hard-to-reach areas like space under the kitchen cabinets. Most robot vacuums have a longer battery life than handheld vacuums, which means you don’t have to wait for your vacuum to recharge before the work can be completed. When it comes to a thorough clean, a robot vacuum is exactly what you need.  

roborock S6

The Best Robot Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Floors

Not all robot vacuums are the same. Some have powerful suction, while others can quietly clean a home. With the Roborock S6 and Roborock S6 MaxV, you don’t have to choose; you can have both. The Roborock S6 has a strong enough motor to remove the most stubborn dirt and leave your vinyl floors immaculate. It also has noise reduction barriers that keep the vacuum extremely quiet; it will hum as softly as a refrigerator or a low-running fan. If you have young children who need to nap, you can run this vacuum with no interruptions to their sleep. It’s convenient for pets that are sensitive to loud noises as well.

roborock s6

What makes the S6 special is its advanced laser sensors and navigation capabilities. When a Roborock S6 begins its work, it uses lasers and other sensors to scan each room it enters. It then takes that information and creates a detailed cleaning map of your home, vacuuming efficiently and in a precise order. Other vacuums have to bumble around your house, cleaning randomly and running into furniture. The S6 knows exactly where to go and what to avoid; it makes sure everything is cleaned right the first time. In addition, you can use an app that will create a ‘no-go’ zone in your house. Your kids can keep a school project safe on the floor while the vacuum cleans around it.

Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Your Floors

The Roborock S6 is the perfect vacuum for your luxury vinyl floors. You can keep your floors spotless without having to lift a finger. The vacuum will take itself back to its charging dock when the job is done. Its long battery life will get everything clean in one session. The whisper-quiet technology means you won’t have to wait until the vacuum is done before making an important call or having friends over. This vacuum is a fantastic choice for you and your house. A Roborock S6 will keep your vinyl floors clean and maintain their value for years to come.


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