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October 08, 2021

Best New Year’s Gift for Your Family

The New Year is just around the corner! Choosing a satisfying and surprising New Year’s gift for your family or friends sometimes can be a real challenge. Have you got your presents ready? If not, here is a suggestion for you.

 New Year’s Gift

According to Pinterest, a tech accessory is one of the top gifting trends, which also means that this kind of gift may be what people want most this year. Tech accessories have grown by 34 percent, and it is predicted that presenting friends and family with charging cables, wearable tech, and other tech-related gifts might be a popular choice this year.

tech accessory

Among all these tech gifts, the robotic vacuum is a great choice. Robotic vacuums are an autonomous appliance designed to clean various floor surfaces, such as carpet, tiles, and hardwood floors of dirt and debris. There are many benefits to buying a robotic vacuum.

Roborock robot cleaner

First of all, you will save a lot of time with its help. Once set up, the robotic vacuum can do all the work of cleaning, which frees your hands and can leave you with more time to do the things you like rather than the dull work of sweeping and mopping. Using the App, you can control the robot almost completely, and no manual operation is actually needed. If you are not at home, it can still do its job.

In addition, your health can be improved, because the robotic vacuum will provide you with a much cleaner environment. Any dust, spots, and other dirty marks in your place can have a great impact on your health. With a robotic vacuum, your house can be cleaned frequently, completely, and efficiently.

What’s more, the robotic vacuum is smarter than you expect, and it even can do a better job than human beings at cleaning the floors. It is able to adjust to different surfaces automatically. No matter if it’s a hardwood floor or carpet, the robot can handle the task perfectly. On top of that, it is good at detecting boundaries to prevent it from damaging furniture or being damaged.

Roborock robot cleaner

Based on all of this, Roborock’s robotic vacuum can be a satisfying, practical New Year’s gift for your family and friends. The company launched its flagship robot, the Roborock S5 in 2017, and it quickly became the top-selling robotic vacuum cleaner in China.

Roborock S5 is a kind of mapping robot that is based on laser-distance navigation (LDS), so it is even smarter than regular robots. You can issue orders to it and decide which area needs to be cleaned. It has powerful navigation capabilities with 13 sensors to enable smooth navigation without getting stuck. The combination of sweeping and mopping is also a very helpful function, making it suitable for various kinds of cleaning demands.

Roborock robot cleaner

Beside the flagship robot, Roborock also has the Xiaowa series to choose from. These robots all support remote control and can be connected through a mobile phone application.

For more information about the Roborock vacuums, please check out the video to see how the robotic vacuum works: