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October 08, 2021

Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Easy to Care for

For those who are managing careers and social lives, the struggle to care for a pet is just too much. Even though you might love to own a pet, it’s just not the right time. Owning indoor house plants can be a great middle ground. You can enhance your confidence by caring for something, the maintenance is super easy, and there’s zero guilt when you have to leave your green friends and go to work for the day. But which kind of botanical pet is right for you and your home? We thought it’d be fun to match up common personality traits and preferences to the best house plants for you.

Independent & Adaptable = The Spider Plant

If you are the kind of person who likes to be on the move and is looking for low maintenance plants, the Spider plant is an ideal match. These plants get their name from their long, thin, arched leaves, like little spiders hanging off a web.

the spider plant

It is very easy to care for these plants. They like to be watered once a week and don’t react well to being overwatered. The best way to test it out is to feel their soil. If the top inch of soil is no longer moist, then you will know it’s time to water your plant.

Occasionally their leaves will brown a little bit, but if that happens it’s totally normal. That just means there’s too much fluoride in the water, which ultimately leads to extra salt in the plant’s soil. Using filtered water clears up the problem immediately. Spider plants make a pretty, noncommittal addition to your home.

Vivacious & Fun = The Chinese Evergreen

If you find that people think of you as charming with a big personality than the Chinese Evergreen is a good fit for you, these plants come in a variety of different colors and have pretty patterned leaves. It almost looks as if they are saying “Ta dah!” when you look at them.

the chinese evergreen

Like Spider Plants, Chinese Evergreens are a breeze to maintain. They like low natural light and don’t require much watering. At most they need to be watered once a week during the warmer months and every two to three weeks in the winter seasons.

It should be noted though, that Chinese Evergreens are not pet friendly. These plants can be toxic to animals, especially the flowers, so it’s best if they don’t have any pet siblings in the house. Other than that, these plants are beautiful to behold and taking care of them is a cinch.

Considerate, Team Player = Snake Plant

If you are a tidy person who likes to keep things clean and enjoys contributing to your community, then look no further than the Snake Plant. This plant is a true winner because it’s not only low maintenance, but it helps you out by purifying the air in your home or apartment. The most common species is a soft green color with dark green stripes.

snake plant

Like any good team player, the Snake Plant is very good at taking care of itself and only needs help occasionally. These plants enjoy indirect sunlight and need watering every two to six weeks.

Snake plants are unbelievably durable. They can handle drought, insects, and low levels of light. This is definitely the kind of plant you don’t have to worry about when you’re on vacation. These are amazing plants to own because they not only add charm to your home but can give you the benefit of cleaner air.

Another Lovely Addition

All of these plants are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as healing to the soul, with little cost and effort to you. Of course, as with any new addition to your home, there can be small trials and tribulations. As you water or care for your plant, dirt will scatter everywhere, leaves will drop off, and nutrient tablets will fall and mess up your floor.

vacuum pair with your plant

That’s when you need a special helper to assist you, and a robot vacuum is a perfect solution to a messy plant situation. You can continue to reap the benefits of having plants at home without the extra stress and time of having to clean up after them. Your vacuum can be programmed to take care of dropped leaves every day or be assigned to clean specific areas immediately after you care for your plant. It can mop away small spills so you can focus on watering your plant and nothing else. A robot vacuum truly gives you time to stop and smell the roses. Check out our vacuums at and see which vacuum perfectly pairs with your plant of choice.