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October 08, 2021

7 Kitchen Gadgets to Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving

Have you heard of the phrase ‘too many cooks spoil the broth?’ Thanksgiving prep makes the kitchen the busiest place in the house. It’s wonderful to have assistance, but having too many people in the kitchen can slow everything down. The premium solution is having smart kitchen gadgets come to your aide. It’s a relief to have help while you cook, and we have found the best kitchen gadgets for your 2019 Thanksgiving feast.

A Robot Vacuum and Mop

The ultimate tip to a spotless kitchen is to clean as you cook. The kitchen space is manageable if you do a little bit at a time. While baking your sweet potatoes, wash any dishes that you find in the sink. As you wait for water to boil, do a quick wipe down of all the counters. This way, when you’re finished cooking for the day, only a few things remain to be cleaned.

Roborock S5 Max for kitchen

A robot vacuum can help with the biggest mess after dinner: your floors. The Roborock S5 Max is a multifaceted kitchen assistant because it vacuums and mops your floors. With a large water tank, the S5 Max thoroughly mops your floors. It also lets you choose three different water flow volumes, so if your floors are really dirty use a little more water to shift the grime.  Its advanced sensors can scan a room and then create a detailed cleaning route, cleaning more dirt in less time. It’s compatible with a smart home speaker like Google Home or the Amazon Alexa, allowing you to start the vacuum while your hands are busy serving the pumpkin pie.

Automatic Kitchen Trash Can

automatic kitchen trash can

Managing a hygienic kitchen can be challenging, especially when dealing with raw turkey. It’s helpful to designate one spot specifically for the turkey, preferably close to the garbage can. Having an automatic trashcan is fantastic because you can quickly dispose of your raw food, hands free. The iTouchless model provides several benefits:

  1. A motion sensor opens the lid automatically
  2. A carbon filter which eliminates odors
  3. A large capacity—Thanksgiving family dinners can produce a lot of waste
  4. The fingerprint-proof steel exterior
  5. It is battery powered, which saves energy

Smart Scale

smart scale

Trying out a fancy recipe to impress your guests can make you feel like a master chef. Every good chef needs an assistant, and that’s where the Drop Connected Kitchen Scale comes in handy. This wireless scale communicates with your smart phone and tells you exactly when your measurements are perfect. The website also provides more exciting new recipes for you to try.

Wireless Bluetooth Digital Thermometer

wireless bluetooth meat thermometer

When cooking a variety of dishes all at once, what do you do when the turkey needs close monitoring but a souffle requires the door to stay closed? Maintain a flawless oven temperature with a wireless thermometer. The Utrent Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with an app that gives you a precise reading of your turkey’s cooking progress and lets you know when it’s time to take it out.

A Smart Dishwasher

Nothing is more satisfying than sitting down and catching up with your loved ones after a long day of cooking. The last thing you want to do is get up and make sure you started the dishwasher. GE’s latest dishwasher responds to voice command and lets you monitor its cycle on your mobile device. It’s extremely convenient for those moments when you feel too relaxed to leave the couch.

Smart Coffee Maker

Now that you have the dishwasher started from your seat, why not get a pot of coffee going without taking a break from the conversation? You can schedule your coffee to brew at a certain time or start your coffee maker immediately using a command on your phone. It keeps track of your coffee supply and notifies you when it’s time to serve your guests.

Smart Oven

While we may not live in an age where a machine can do all the cooking for us, this appliance comes very close. The KitchenAid Smart Oven uses shelf attachments that specialize in different types of cooking:

  1. Grilling tray for the main course
  2. Steaming pot for vegetables
  3. Baking stone for pizzas and baked goods

smart oven

The attachments connect to a power hub in the back of the oven, which allows you to control everything with a smart home system or phone. You can adjust the oven’s temperature, set a timer, or check on the progress of your dishes.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude, connect with your family, and celebrate with a delicious meal. These smart kitchen gadgets will expedite your prep time, keep you on track, and relieve you from clean-up duty. With these appliances at your disposal, you can give extra special thanks for a lovely holiday and a stunning kitchen.