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Gifting ideas

October 08, 2021

7 Incredible Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Real estate agents will agree that helping people find a home is unlike any other experience. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your clients realize such a significant moment in their lives. Real estate agents and their clients share a bond because this line of work is more than a business; agents are a part of the client’s life journey. That’s why it is so important to give your clients a meaningful real estate closing gift to mark this unique relationship.

A closing gift solidifies a connection with your clients. It keeps you in mind when it’s time to sell and encourages your clients to recommend you to friends. When selecting the best gift for your clients, it’s worthwhile to think of elements that will cater to their needs. Consider the following factors:

  1. Are they first-time buyers/sellers?
  2. Are they new to the area?
  3. What little things do they enjoy?
  4. How to help them enjoy their house?
  5. What will help them manage their house?
  6. What would add a personal touch to their new home?
  7. Is there a local experience they have yet to discover?

Once you have an idea of what is needed, you can provide that little extra something in their lives. Here are seven gift ideas that will be the cherry on top of their real estate sundae.

1. Bottle of Champagne

bottle of champagne

Whether your clients are buyers or sellers, nothing says congratulations like a bottle of champagne. A hand-written note is a nice additional touch. Thank them for choosing you and wish them the best of luck on their new journey. Congratulate them if this is their first time buying a home. If they are experienced homeowners, express how this house will be a great fit for them.

2. A Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

gift card

This a wonderful way to introduce your clients to a new neighborhood. Find a special restaurant within walking distance. They will be able to stroll through the neighborhood, meet new people, and get to know their surroundings. They will have a nice break from unpacking and a favorite new restaurant all in one evening.

3. Gift basket

gift basket

There’s a good chance that you have spent many hours with your clients. Finding a perfect dream home is hardly an overnight experience. You’ve learned a lot about their needs, what they like in a home, and specific details that have shaped their decisions. At this point, you know them almost as well as you know your friends. Putting together a personalized gift basket is a walk in the park.

If they like to cook, an assortment of oils, bottles of vinegar, and spices make a fantastic gift basket. If they have pets, toys and treats will make their hearts melt. For clients who have kids, a selection of stuffed animals and storybooks is a wonderful gesture. These little items make a big impression.  

4. Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is not only a thoughtful gift but also a big relief for your clients. It’s already stressful planning a move, cleaning the old house, and getting everything organized. A robot vacuum is a huge help, and some models check off more than one item on their massive to-do list.

Roborock robot vacuum

The Roborock S5 Max, for example, comes with advanced mopping capabilities. Not only does it thoroughly pick up all the dirt, it can give the floors a brilliant shine every single day. This gift will serve your clients for a long time and they’ll think of you whenever the robot comes out to clean.

5. Yard games

yard volleyball

Another creative gift idea is something that involves quality time with their new house. Couples and families love fun yard games like:

  1. Badminton
  2. Bocce ball
  3. Croquet
  4. Bean bag toss
  5. Volleyball

Everyone will enjoy creating memories in their new backyard, while establishing a healthy active lifestyle. These games are great for all ages and provide an opportunity to gain a new skill; extra challenges can be added as everyone’s abilities improve.

6. Custom Painting

custom painting

This sentimental gift is modest and monumental at the same time. Take a picture of your client in front of their new home, choose a photo that they like, and have it professionally painted. With services like Instapainting or Paint Your Life, your client will have a beautiful painting that captures their first moment with their new home.

7. A Memorable Experience

A study from Cornell University reveals that gifts involving an experience grow in appreciation over time. This idea is exceptional for people who have relocated from a different state and are still getting acquainted with the area.

A wine tasting tour, tickets to the local zoo, or a trip to a spa are superb ideas. Pick something relevant to the area and give the gift of a new experience. It will get your clients excited about their new neighborhood and create a new tradition.

8. The Thought Always Counts

A thoughtful gift shows your clients how much you value them; it is the perfect way to share your appreciation. Your clients will feel special and know that this is more than a business connection for you; it’s a connection to a friendship as well. Your closing gift can truly make your client feel like there is no place like home.