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October 08, 2021

6 Easy Household Chores for Teenagers to Do

Did you know that the biggest challenge with assigning chores for teenagers has nothing to do with them? It has everything to do with you. Picking up after your children is the hardest habit to break. It’s easy to see why:

      1. They might not do a thorough job
      2. It’s a lot faster if you do it
      3. It feels good to have things done just the way you like it

          The truth is, it’s important that teenagers have chores. It teaches them accountability, the satisfaction of a job well done, and they learn how to contribute to a team. When assigning new chores to your teenager, it’s best to start with simple ideas. Let us show you how with these six chores that are perfect for teenagers.

          1. Setting the Table

          set the table

          This is an easy way to introduce the idea of a regular chore; it works for pre-teens as well as teenagers. Setting the table is an ideal chore because it’s simple and doesn’t require any supervision. If the teenagers are artistically inclined, they might enjoy creating a centerpiece for the table. 

          Setting the table can provide a special time to connect. Sometimes teenagers feel less pressure to talk when everyone is involved with a project. This easy chore also sets the tone that everyone has a role in taking care of the house.

          2. Loading and Unloading the Dishwasher


          Designating one area of a room to your teenager – like the dishwasher in the kitchen – is a great idea. It’s a consistent chore that doesn’t take a lot of time.

          This task encourages teenagers to set a routine with their chores. Teenagers are still developing the ability to plan ahead and they often forget to finish projects. Put them in charge of loading the dishwasher after a meal and unloading the dishwasher when its cycle has completed. This will help them see that some tasks need to be done every day. 

          3. Cleaning the Floors

          Roborock vacuum

          One aspect that we haven’t discussed is helping teenagers find fun with their chores. Why not add a sense of enjoyment to their job list so they aren’t constantly dreading their duties. A creative chore idea is putting them in charge of a Roborock vacuum. This is perfect if your teens love technology and have smartphones. Make them the Vacuum Master, and they’ll be happy to be in charge of cleaning the floor and ensuring the vacuum is maintained.

          4. Watering the Plants or Feeding the Pets

          feed the pet

          Taking care of others is an important skill to develop, especially if your teen is an only child or the youngest in the family. Looking after a pet or plant will encourage them to be selfless. Have them decide if they want to set a reminder on their phone or keep a checklist on the fridge. It’s okay if they need help remembering in the beginning, it takes at least three weeks for a new chore to become a habit.

          5. Organizing their Rooms

          organize rooms

          This can be a tricky one. Their bedrooms are sacred places to them. This situation calls for a delicate balance between letting them have their own space and emphasizing that it needs to be clean. Let them decide how they want to organize their room but be sure to establish common ground rules. Agree on a specific list. You can use ideas like:

          1. Keeping school projects off the floor
          2. Dusting the bookshelf
          3. Folding the clothes neatly in the drawers
          4. Cleaning under the bed
          5. Keeping dishes out of their room

          6. Folding the Laundry and Putting It Away

          fold the laundry

          Laundry can be intimidating for teenagers to handle. Start small by having them fold their laundry and put it away. Gradually teach them how to do their laundry by doing it with them. Show them how to read the labels on clothes in the first week, then spend the next week on adjusting the machine settings for different loads. Keep the lessons simple and brief.

          7. The Most Important Lesson of All

          Finally, it’s imperative to realize that how you approach the chores with your teenager matters more than the chores you assign them. Developing teens have to deal with many issues like:

          1. Hormone surges
          2. Moodiness
          3. Growing pains
          4. Peer pressure
          5. Feeling powerless in their lives

          The best approach is to talk to your teenager about how they would like to do their chores. Maybe they prefer to do most of their chores during the weekend, so they don’t feel rushed with their school schedule. Or perhaps they prefer to spread their chores over the entire week. They will appreciate feeling in control of their own actions.

          Getting teenagers to do their chores is not always an easy process but if you follow these steps, you will start to see success. Start with smaller chores so they will be less likely to feel overwhelmed. Let them be in charge of a chore they enjoy, like running the robot vacuum. Finally, join them during a bigger task to make it feel like a team effort. As they get more comfortable, switch roles and let them take the lead. Teach them confidence and independence, and they will become productive members of the household.