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October 08, 2021

Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

It is such a joy to see our friends and family members purchase a new home. We can’t help but share their pride and excitement, almost as if we are vicariously living through them. There are many ways to celebrate this significant life event, but nothing says congratulations more than a housewarming gift. Let us help you find the perfect one at the right price. Here is our list of favorite gift ideas, ranging from $20 to $600.

Gifts Under $50

A sweet succulent plant or two adds a warm ambience to a living room. These plants are self-sufficient and do not require a lot of care, which is helpful when your loved ones are busy managing a big move. Most succulent plants cost anywhere between $20 and $40, depending on how many you would like to buy.

succulent plant

Candles are an elegant, cost-effective gift because of the marvelous way they enhance a room. Folks are soothed by their favorite aroma and they make a pretty decoration at the same time. These candles on Etsy let you add a personalized message on the container for a thoughtful touch.  

Coasters are a practical gift that will be greatly appreciated. Your hosts can have a party without worrying about watermark stains on their new dining room table. Etsy comes to the rescue again with these charming wood coasters. The design looks chic on any surface and you can engrave their names and a date on the coasters to mark the special occasion.

Gifts Under $100

People are always searching for art to complement their bare walls. A custom painting offers originality to a home. Instapainting gives them the ultimate rare piece—a photo that you have taken. Whether it is a picture of them or a snapshot of their new city, you can ensure that they have something that is one of a kind.

Moving takes time and the right tools. Giving your loved ones a homeowner toolset is a handy gift. It’s helpful for when they realize they accidentally packed all their screwdrivers or if they suddenly need to assemble furniture. Home Depot has a set online that can handle any scenario.

After a long day of planning, organizing, and lifting furniture, give your friends the gift of relaxation. These magnesium bath salts are excellent for reducing tension in the body and soothing aching muscles. It’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day and drifting off to sleep. You’ll want to buy a few jars for yourself after hearing how beneficial this gift can be.

bath salts

Gifts Over $100

Owning a home means there is a lot of shopping to do, especially when upgrading from an apartment to a house. A company called Our Green House has gift baskets that include everything but the kitchen sink. They have housewarming baskets for the home cook, the tea lover, even for a picnic at home, or for a personal touch, customize one of your own.

The best gift you can give is the gift of time. A Roborock vacuum eliminates extra chores and gives the homeowners a chance to relax and appreciate their new surroundings. The Roborock S5 Max is a wonderful choice because it is a powerful vacuum and an intelligent mop in one. The S5’s suction has the strength to pick up two AA batteries and is ideal for keeping their new carpets spotless. Its efficient built-in mop will make their floors shine. As it cleans, it will also use LIDAR navigation to map your friend’s new home so they can see exactly what its floorplan is, and later send the robot to the exact room that needs to be cleaned.

Roborock S5 Max

Settling into cozy sheets at the end of a long day is one of the best feelings out there. There will be no problems going to sleep with this beautiful sheet set from L.L. Bean. The design is classic and the fabric will last for a long time.

These gifts will add a lovely, personalized touch to any home. The most important thing to remember is choosing something with the homeowners’ best interests in mind. Some people appreciate more practical gifts like tools, and others welcome pleasing decorations. Whatever you choose, it will be a wonderful gift because it’s coming from you.