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October 08, 2021

Best Christmas Tech Presents for Grandparents in 2019

Most people wouldn’t dream of getting their grandparents a tech gift for Christmas because the older generations tend to be less than tech-savvy. The idea is to add ease into their lives, not make them more frustrated trying to figure out a device. Fortunately, we found some tech gift ideas that are simple-to-use and will enhance their lives at the same time.

1. Roborock S5 Max

This gift is the perfect combination of convenience and ease. As we age, it becomes harder to vacuum, and mopping the floors is downright exhausting. The Roborock S5 Max saves both time and energy with a powerful vacuum and built-in mop. The suction is strong enough to pick up the most stubborn dirt in the thickest of carpets; the tank distributes the water evenly, leaving hardwood floors gleaming in the light. You can program the vacuum to clean on a daily basis or have it clean one area of the house as needed. A long-lasting battery promises a sparkling floor with no interruptions or delays. Your loved ones will be able to have clean floors 24/7 with no effort or strain on their part.

Roborock S5 Max

2. Smart Home Speaker

This gift pairs excellently with a Roborock vacuum. Your grandparents can use a smart home speaker to tell the vacuum to start or stop cleaning. The voice command technology is effortless and is far easier than pushing any confusing buttons. They can also use a smart home speaker to check on the upcoming weather or control the temperature of their home. With a smart home speaker, they can call their friends, look up new recipes online, or check the status of an important sporting event.

smart home speaker

3. Fitbit

Whether they are on a treadmill or taking a walk with friends, a Fitbit is a wonderful device for your grandparents’ health goals. Fitbits are phenomenal for tracking their steps, energy levels, and can offer personalized breathing sessions based on their heart rate. Your loved ones can see over time how their fitness is shaping up and can stay on top of their exercise routines. They can also wear their Fitbits at night and see what their sleep patterns are like. This fabulous gadget helps them stay healthy for years to come.


4. Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

This sentimental gift is an engaging way to display photos, memories, and shared moments. The Pix-Star Photo Frame connects through Wi-Fi and stores up to 30,000 pictures! The best part is you can send new photos directly to the frame through email. Grandkids can share fun moments with grandma or grandpa by sending photos on their smartphones. Your loved ones won’t miss a single event and will love watching, organizing, and playing family slideshows.

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

5. Tile Mate

Searching for something? With Tile Mate, your grandparents’ days of playing hide-and-seek with their keys can finally come to an end. You can purchase as many tiles as you need and connect one to their keychain, slide another inside in their wallet, or attach a tile to the remote control. An easy app on your grandparent’s phone will help them find whatever is missing. What if they can’t find their phone? All they have to do is press a button on any of their tiles and the phone will ring, even if it’s been placed on ‘silent mode.’ Tile Mate immediately finds their items and relieves you of always having to ask, “well, where did you last see it?” It’s a win-win situation.

tile mate

Simple Yet Effective

All of these devices are a cinch to use and will help your loved ones throughout the day. They give your grandparents extra independence and let them enjoy their lives. Whether it be a smart home speaker or a Roborock vacuum, these gadgets will welcome your grandparents to the digital world with no frustrations or worries. Happy Holidays!


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