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October 08, 2021

Best Back to School Gift for College Students: Adorable Robot Vacuum

Can you believe it? It’s almost back to school time, but for a lot of people back to school is going to mean a big change. For the first time, or maybe the second or third, it’s about release one of your family into the big wide world as you send them off to college.

Moving out is always a challenge, and college life means more often not time will be spent on everything but cleaning. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can buy to make sure your child doesn’t spend their college life living in a mess.

Xiaowa E3 Robot Vacuum

Back to school gift Xiaowa E3 robot vacuum

Dorms and shared rooms are dirt traps. Between class, study, friends, and vibrant social lives, there’s no time for cleaning. With the help of the Roborock E3 robot vacuum, floor cleaning just happens while life carries on around it.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Vacuuming isn’t always enough to clean properly, but luckily the E3 is also a robot mop. That means if they feel like giving things a deeper than usual clean – perhaps after a party – they can snap on the mop and give tiles, wood floors, or vinyl, an extra thorough cleanup.

Cutting-Edge Technology for a Cleaner Clean

Using dual gyroscopes and motion tracking, E3 is able to monitor where it has been, making sure it doesn’t leave a single spot of your floor uncleaned. It can also detect carpets, allowing it to crank up the power for a deeper clean. Its cyclonic fan creates immense suction, enough to lift AA batteries, and works in tandem with a floating brush that flicks dirt into the suction stream and making sure every speck of dust is removed.

Automatically Recharging

Using E3 really is completely automatic. Unlike many devices that just drain power until they stop where they are, E3 monitors its battery and can return to its dock for recharging automatically. If cleaning up a really big space, it can even return to the dock to top up then continue cleaning where it left off.

Whisper Quiet

E3 is much quieter than a handheld vacuum and can run quietly in the background, so that it can clean without disrupting life going on around it.

Easy Spot Cleaning

Sometimes you just need a specific area cleaned up, rather than the whole house. Instead of getting a handheld and vacuuming themselves, your kid just has to bring E3 over and place it in the middle of the mess. One press of the Spot Clean button will make E3 clean a 1.2m diameter square area around where it was placed. When it’s done, you can send it back to the dock with a press of the “Return to Dock” button.

Fully App Controllable

College students aren’t really at home that much, so remote access is essential. Using the Mi Home app, they can start or stop a cleanup from anywhere, schedule cleanups, control power level, and much more. If you are also going to give them Amazon Alex or Google Home, then while they’re at home they can start a cleanup using just a voice command.

Other Gift Ideas

A robot vacuum is just the first of many things you will need to buy to set your college student up for success. Other essentials include laptops, Bluetooth speakers, and a Fitbit. How do these each help? Let’s find out.

Laptop Computer

back to school gift - laptop

No student can live without a computer now. They’re essential for research, note taking, making plans, and more. Laptops are also what most students use for a little distraction, with big screens that are good for video streaming, photo viewing, and possibly sending the occasional email home to you.

Bluetooth Speaker

back to school gift - bluetooth speaker

Give your college goer the gift of music with a powerful Bluetooth speaker. It might not have the oomph of a proper home stereo system, but it’s perfect for a shared space. Plus, when they’re going out to the beach or a park, they can bring it with them for music outdoors.

There are literally thousands of Bluetooth speakers to choose from, so you can have your pick of the best one for them. Once connected they’ll be able to listen to anything they like, from movies and music, to lectures and radio.


back to school gift - fitbit

It might sound like a joke, but don’t be fooled. Freshman 15 – the weight gain everyone seems to get when they first go to college – is real. It comes from replacing family meals with fast food, swapping exercising for socializing, and active time for studying. With so much change it is hard to also keep up a healthy lifestyle, which is where the Fitbit comes in. Using this your child can track their steps, their calorie intake, their water intake and more so that they can make better informed decisions about their health. You can also get your own Fitbit and share with them, giving you a way to stay in touch with them without having to disrupt their lives but also challenging them to live healthier by following your example.

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