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October 08, 2021

A Brief Checklist for Summer Cleaning 2019

Summer is the time to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. At the same time, all those fun outdoor activities end up inside your home, leading to a silent infiltration of dirt and grime in your house. Summer is the time to fight back and put those germs in their place.

Why Summer Cleaning Is a Necessity

During the summer the kids are home from school, and every parent knows that kids are mess magnets. Summer holidays are the time to hit the beach, run through sprinklers, and enjoy nature. These fun activities somehow always end up being tracked into the home and all over the carpet.

Warm days are also the perfect time for entertaining and hosting barbecues. Not only do these fun times result in more people to clean up after, you also want a tidy home before the guests arrive. It’s a double-edged sword and the only remedy is some summer cleaning.

Summer is also a time for allergies, and the best way to alleviate symptoms is to clean regularly. It’s the only way to keep the pollen and allergens at bay.

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Summer Cleaning Checklist

  1. Quick Kitchen Cleanups

Keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible to reduce the number of things that can attract dirt. Clean up spills right away to prevent them from drying on the floor or counter. Clean the inside of your oven regularly to stop food from burning onto surfaces. Work clockwise around the room, wiping all surfaces. Set the Roborock to vacuum and mop the floor in the kitchen while you enjoy summer.

  1. Bathroom Care

Sanitize the toilet bowl and let the solution sit while you wipe the outside with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the mirror, declutter the counter, wash the sink and faucet, and finally wipe the counter. Scrub the tub or shower and keep a cloth or squeegee nearby that can be used to give the walls a quick wipe after each shower. Let the Roborock vacuum and clean the hair and dirt off the floor.

  1. Bedroom Summer Cleaning

Moving in a clockwise fashion, declutter and organize displaced items. Dust hard surfaces with a moist cloth. Use the app on your phone to schedule the Roborock to vacuum the carpets and floors.

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  1. Meet and Greet Area

Sweep or hose off patios and walkways to minimize the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your home. Use the Roborock’s spot-clean feature to vacuum the area just inside the door to prevent dirt from getting a foothold in your home.

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  1. Trashy and Stinky Sinks

The heat of the summer months makes those odors more pronounced. Take garbage out more frequently, wash the inside of garbage cans more regularly, and wash sinks often to stop stink in its tracks. Save lemon rinds for the garbage disposal to naturally deodorize.

  1. General Floor Cleaning

Schedule your Roborock for daily vacuuming to keep your floors clean when you leave for work during the day.

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Summer is coming, and the Roborock vacuum will keep your house clean and tidy for the whole summer.