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08 octobre, 2021

The Best Labor Day Gadget Sales for Breezing Through Household Chores

Summer may be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop having fun. Usually Labor Day weekend is a sign that summer is over, but Labor Day is actually a celebration of transition. It’s a time to reflect on summer memories and to welcome new ambitions for the fall. This helpful holiday can ease everyone into a new schedule of work, school, or both. For parents, it’s one more special moment with your kids before they start a new school year. For adults, it can be a reason to gather friends together for an impromptu party. Finally, it’s a great time to capitalize on astounding sales before stores gear up for the fall season. Most stores have their best sales on Labor Day, and this year Labor Day falls on September 2nd. Whether you’re on vacation with your laptop or searching online at home, you can find plenty of Labor Day deals for whatever you need.

The beginning of the fall season typically means settling into familiar routines. Summer can mean travel and time away from home. It’s fairly common to come back and notice that the dirt has turned your house into its own vacation home. Starting a new season with a clean home can give you a fresh start. That’s why Labor Day sales are perfect for finding items to keep the home clean in the cooler months to come. We searched through the dry desert of the internet and found an oasis of great gadgets that will make your household chores a breeze.

A Super Sonic Brush

Super Sonic Brush

Life is so much easier when we find the perfect cleaning gizmo. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air. Looking online, however, can feel like we are constantly holding our breath in frustration. When browsing the internet, it’s helpful to search for companies that are known for having great Labor Day sales like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon. Another tip is to search for products that are a steal any time of the year. One example is the Super Sonic Scrubber brush. This powerful brush can scrub any surface and give your arms a much-needed break. Elbow grease is a thing of the past with the Super Sonic Scrubber. It has various brushes and sponges that attach to the wand, allowing anyone the freedom to clean whatever is needed. This brush can clean a plethora of surfaces, from detailing a car to scrubbing stubborn grease off a stovetop. The bigger brush is great for cleaning a refrigerator shelf, and the smaller brush is perfect for scrubbing shower tiles.

This helpful tool doesn’t require too much to operate; the Super Sonic Scrubber needs two AA batteries. The brushes and wand are easy to store and can fit in a regular drawer. It’s a reasonable price already and a great addition to your cleaning routine.

A Handy Phone Sanitizer

Handy Phone Sanitizer

In terms of usefulness, the Phone Soap Smartphone Sanitizer is one of the best gadgets we found online. This device is fantastic for cleaning the most popular item in your home, your phone. Smartphones are a necessity for staying in touch with friends on social media, navigating your way around town, and keeping you up to date on current events. We use it for everything, but how often do we clean it? Smartphones pick up bacteria throughout the day and they aren’t cleaned as often as they need to be. It’s difficult to find time during a busy day to clean a phone. It’s a lengthy process and we don’t have all the tools that are necessary for the job.

The Phone Soap Sanitizer not only cleans a phone but sanitizes it as well. Do not let the title fool you; there is no soap or liquid involved. PhoneSoap Sanitizer cleans phones of all sizes with UV rays, a reflective interior, and a transparent quartz plate. You can clean a phone and its case at the same time. The device is very user-friendly. It almost looks like a tiny tanning bed for a phone. Simply place the phone inside the case and within minutes, the phone is clean and ready to go. The UV rays kill over 99% of bacteria that accumulate on the phone’s surface. You can charge it overnight and the phone will come to no harm. The Phone Soap website has deals for new models and Amazon has gently used sanitizers at a very reasonable price.

Best Gadget for Household Chores

best household gadget

All of these gadgets are a great deal for Labor Day and will help your house remain gorgeous. However, the best deal you can get is the gift of time. The ideal machine for optimizing cleaning time is a robot vacuum. A robot vacuum reduces household chores and drastically cuts down a to-do list. They are a perfect partner for keeping the house beautiful. You don’t have to worry about carefully wiping crumbs off the counter; you can sweep all the dirt onto the floor and let the vacuum handle it. To get your floors gleaming, Roborock has a vacuum with a built-in mop ready to go. Roborock vacuums can give you the greatest Labor Day deal of all: a clean house that’s ready for fall and many more seasons to come. Visit and let the vacuum do all the labor so you can get the most out of your day.