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08 octobre, 2021

How To Maintain Your Robot Vacuum?

While a robot vacuum does a lot of your cleaning for you, it still requires a bit of maintenance to perform at its best. For maximum cleaning, there are a few basic things you must do.

Here is an overview of how to maintain your robot vacuum:

1. Prepare the Floor

One part of robot-vacuum maintenance nobody talks about is the steps to take before turning the unit on. By preparing the room before cleaning, you’re helping the vacuum do a more thorough job while protecting the more delicate parts of your home.

The first thing you should look out for are items your robot vacuum could get stuck on. Drapery, pull cords, power cords, clothes, and other loose items need to be picked up and secured. You also need to pick up any toys, slippers, pet dishes, and other small items that you don’t want pushed around the floor. Finally, make sure the floor is free from liquids or other wet waste before turning the robot vacuum on.

Prepare and clean the Floor

2. Set Up

You should always begin by reading the user manual, and get familiar with your brand new robot vacuum and all its parts. Read and follow any set up instructions to get your vacuum started properly.

Pay close attention to the owner’s manual to make sure the unit has no missing parts. Make sure you follow the instructions to set up the home base/charger (the robot’s port). If your robot vacuum connects to WiFi, make sure you follow the connection guide carefully. 

set up the home base/charger

3. Perform Regular Maintenance

Your need regular maintenance in order to keep robot vacuum running in tip-top shape. You should have a routine where once a week you do a bit of upkeep on your machine. Using Roborock S5 as an example, there are five steps to maintain it appropriately.
  • Step 1
Begin by emptying the dustbin and giving the machine a wipedown. Wash the main filter of Roborock S5 if necessary and set it aside to dry.
  • Step 2
Next, you need to clean the sensors. Very gently and carefully give them a wipe to ensure that Roborock S5 can see where it’s going.
  • Step 3
Examine the wheels to make sure that they spin freely and that no hair or threads are wrapped around the axles. Examine the multi-directional wheel to make sure it turns freely. Clear away any debris trapped around it.
  • Step 4
Remove the main brush and give it a thorough cleaning, dislodging everything that is stuck to it. Examine the side brush and make sure that, too, can spin freely. Cut off any hair and threads that have tangled themselves around it.
  • Step 5
Finally, check to make sure your robot vacuum is using the most current Roborock S5 firmware.  If you are not, update the firmware over the air.
Perform Regular Maintenance

4. Additional Help

If you have tried all of the above and your robot vacuum still isn’t performing as you would expect, go over the user manual again to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Make sure you allow the robot vacuum to fully charge itself. Sometimes the machine simply hasn’t been given the opportunity to recharge and do a thorough job. If all else fails, call customer support and explain the issue you are having. For more information about the maintenance of Roborock S5, please visit the Roborock support center.