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08 octobre, 2021

Don't Spend your Whole Summer Cleaning, Make a Plan!

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and for endlessly cleaning your house.

That doesn't sound right, does it? No one wants to be stuck cleaning the house when the weather is gorgeous. But who wants to let their home become a chaotic mess? There’s got to be a balance between having an amazing summer and a spotless house. Let’s help you make cleaning feel a little less like summer school. We scoured the internet and found the top four tricks and technology tips for summertime cleaning, ranked from worst to best.

summer house cleaning

Cleaning Service

This is definitely our least favorite option. A cleaning service will keep your home clean without much effort on your part, but it is expensive, and the quality of the service will vary greatly. It can also feel awkward to have a complete stranger inside your house, doing chores that you normally do yourself. There’s also the inevitable horror of feeling hungry right as they are cleaning the kitchen, or needing the bathroom immediately after they start scrubbing the tub. Hopefully, we can find some better options.

cleaning service

Stay Outside

Another idea to keep your house clean is to be in there as little as possible. After all, it’s far easier to clean up after your kids and pets when everyone is outside. Take a walk to a park or play games in the backyard. Avoid doing dishes by having a fun picnic outside with finger foods.

This idea can only go so far, though. Avoiding the problem forever could start to cause stress and trepidation. At some point, it’s time to face the music. What then?

Make it a Team Effort

Too often all of the cleaning is left to one person in the household. It’s pretty difficult to clean up after an entire family and the pets. Not to mention visitors who stop by and the occasional playdate. If the whole family helps clean, everything gets done quickly and without resentment.

Have a family meeting and see if there are any preferences when it comes to chores. Some people enjoy laundry more, and others feel much better when they clean the kitchen. Make sure the kiddos are responsible for cleaning up their toys immediately after they are done playing with them. Also, positive reinforcement is huge. Calling attention to when family members help out makes everyone feel good, and will inspire them to keep going. 

Use Technology

In the war against household dirt, you should use every weapon at your disposal. Fortunately, modern technology has given us some pretty powerful allies. A robot vacuum can relieve you of one of the most tedious household chores. After you set its program, you’re done. You can be on the other side of the world this summer, and a robot vacuum will make sure that your floors are kept clean. 

robot vacuum summer cleaning

Some of these vacuums, like the Roborock S6 will also mop your floors. This gives you the luxury of spotless floors without a cleaning service or having to avoid your house forever.

Everyone wants to spend their summer vacation enjoying their freedom, but that’s hard to do with a dirty house on your mind. A clean home can make a clear head. You can come up with a strategy this summer that will keep your house clean without physically exhausting you every day.

Enjoy your time outside, use teamwork to accomplish chores and invest in the Roborock robot vacuum cleaner. You can save yourself time, frustration, and your summer.