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08 octobre, 2021

8 Tech Gifts to Make Father's Day Amazing

If you’re looking for great tech gifts for Dad, we have a list of 8 gadgets that will grab his attention, steal his heart, and leave him so speechless he’ll be unable to utter a single Dad joke.

1. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for listening to his favorite music or podcasts while Dad does his outdoor chores. He will love being free from cords while listening to quality surround sound music. Wireless earbuds are small and can easily slip into a pocket when he's not using them.

wireless earbuds

2. Apple Watch

For Dads who may be fans of Steve Jobs, an Apple watch is a great tech gift you can give him. It can do almost anything he wants. This watch can not only send messages to friends and family; it can let Dad play the same apps on his phone. And of course, Siri is there for him to answer any of his burning questions or tell him jokes he’s never heard of before.

Apple Watch

3. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that can sync up to his Amazon account. He can listen to his favorite playlists, order items from the store, and even control his smart home devices on his network. He’ll feel like he launched himself into the future by using voice commands to get all his tasks done. If he needs a speaker that takes up less space, then the Echo Dot will get the job done.

Amazon Echo

4. Fitbit

The Fitbit is a fun fitness tracker that will help your Dad stay on top of his health game. He can get all sorts of information about his workouts, like his heart rate or how many steps he took that day. These trackers can even send notifications to his phone, so he can get the latest updates on his fitness goals. He can select from a wide variety of bands that will effortlessly match his style. Plus the battery life on a Fitbit is extremely long, so he won’t have to worry about charging it all the time.


5. Security Systems

If there’s one thing Dads love to do, it’s keeping their castle monitored at all times. A new security system is a great tech gift for him to have. Sensors and cameras can keep him updated on anything prowling around his property. Depending on the size of his castle, he can have a few cameras set up, or several of them installed. Your dad will also love that he can receive notifications on his phone when something happens. He can view the footage to see if the problem is serious or if it's just another ambitious raccoon.

Security Systems

6. Smart Televisions

If your dad is a sports fan or loves watching movies, a smart television is a glorious gift for him. These televisions can connect to his Wifi, allowing him to stream movies and television shows anytime. He can have any size, whether it be a big screen in the living room or a smaller one in his man cave. He might even need both if mom catches wind of this great gift.

Smart televisions

7. GPS Unit

A GPS is a very helpful tech gift you can give for Father’s Day. These navigational tools are a fantastic match for when he needs directions but hates having to pull over to ask for them. This device will guide him to any destination he desires, show him how long it will take to get there, and can warn him of heavy traffic or rest stops he might not have ever seen before.

GPS unit

8. Robotic Vacuums

Yes, Dads are our heroes, but even they need help every now and then. Especially when it comes to saving the house from dirt and dust. That’s where a robotic vacuum can really come in handy. Dad can just sit back and relax while the robot takes care of it all. He can even use his phone to set up cleaning times and routes, making this one of the best Father's Day gifts of 2019.

father's day tech gifts

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Father's Day may have just passed, but if you forgot to get him a gift you can still make him happy with any of the items on this list.